New Lyntegar Office

Photo of demolition
Cleaning up new property
Groundbreaking with Directors
Digging Basement
Basement digging almost complete
Preparing footings for cement and walls
Setting up formations for cement walls
Pouring cement into wall formations
 Cement truck
Cement Basement Walls
Cement Basement Walls with steel beams
Installation of Steel beams
Crane for Installation of Steel beams
Looking down into basement
Corner footing
Steel Structure taking shape
2nd Floor Steel going on
Steel work
stair case
steel ceiling
more steel work
shot of bricks
inside building
installing air conditioning and heating
outside of building
brick being installed
closeup of brick
brick almost completed
front of building
outside of offices
bringing in more bricks
entrance / exit
electrical box
texture on wall
looking down hallway
shot of cabinents
crane lowering electrical equipment
almost done
Completed building with fence



We are pleased to announce that your Board of Directors have approved the construction of a new Home Office for your cooperative in Tahoka.

Lyntegar has been in their current building since 1948 and with continuous growth over the years we have out grown the present location. We are truly excited and look forward to this change that will help us better serve you.

We will follow the progress of the construction each step of the way and you can see the progress by visiting this page.

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