Co-op is short for Cooperative and means that Lyntegar is owned by you, our members. Our rates are set by our members through a board of directors elected from and by the membership. Since we are a non-profit Cooperative, any margin above operating cost is refunded back to you as capital credits.

When you receive your bill in the mail, you may come into any of our four offices and pay by check or cash. You may pay your bill by mailing it so it will reach our office in a timely fashion. We always invite our customers to come into the office to pay their bill, or just come by and visit. For your convenience we also have drop boxes available at all locations. You may also pay by bank draft. Drafts are processed on the 3rd of each month.

Invoices are mailed the last working day of each month and payments are due on or before the 16th of the month. If payment is not received by the due date, a termination notice will be mailed with the final date being 10 days following the date of the notice. After the final date your account will be considered delinquent and subject to termination without further notice.

You can pay by credit card, in person, at any of our locations.  We do not take credit card payments over the phone.

The office hours of Lyntegar Electric Cooperative, Inc. are 8:00am to 5:00pm - Monday thru Friday and closed on Saturday and Sundays and certain holidays.

PCRF is simply an acronym for Power Cost Recovery Factor. The PCRF is always on your electric bill and is recalculated every month. The PCRF is NOT included in your base rate. All electric utility bills include a PCRF that reflects the rise and fall in the cost of generating wholesale power - more specifically, the changes in the cost of the raw fuel required to run the generation plant. Currently, the fuel driving these costs is natural gas.

Natural gas prices recently hit an all time record high. This high cost for natural gas directly affects the cost of generating electricity and increases customers' PCRF. This cost has always been passed through to the member. Although at times it seems as if your rates have increased, it is actually only an increase in the cost of the fuel used to GENERATE the electricity you use

This is the monthly charge for those members renting a security light from the cooperative.

As member/owners, consumers are entitled to share in all margins earned by your cooperative. The accumulation of capital credits represents the member's equity, or measure of their share of the ownership of the Cooperative. When the financial condition of the Co-op is adequate to meet all normal and emergency needs, the Board of Directors may approve the return of a portion of these Capital Credits.